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Counter-Strike 1.6 - Download CS 1.6.
CS 1.6 Download - It's download Counter-Strike (1.6.0 v.) game, its super simple - just click on direct CS SETUP DOWNLOAD link and free game downloading will start after one or two seconds. Our Counter-Strike 1.6 client is allways updated, have latest version game files. 100% clean rip from STEAM, few days ago we added input language switch function - When saying (button Y is default button to say something in chat of the game) just switch language from default (English) to one of language which is installed in your computer. Our CS 1.6 client is protected from slowhack actions, when playing in servers, too. If you have any suggestions for our CS 1.6 client, you can allways write your suggestion to administrator, administrator skype ID is: OMONAS.
Compatible operating system's: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, you can download this game (CS 1.6) and for another operating system, example: linux or mac, just follow instructions who is described on one of few articles on this website.

Screen-Shots of CS 1.6 gameplay.
CS 1.6 gameplay. Two players of terrorists team staying near CT base, plant at de_dust map. Download CS 1.6 game version v44 for free from larcon.lt website. Screen-Shot of CS 1.6 gameplay, action in terrorists base at de_dust2 map - Deceitful ladder spray. You can Download Counter Strike game by clicking direct link which is on our website. Screenshot of CS 1.6 de_dust2_2x2 map - Counter Terrorists team member (CT) targeting the enemy - Terrorists team member (player). You can download this game directly or using torrent client. DE_DUST map - Terrorists base. This screen-shot shows how seems modified skins (models) of players and guns.

In these photos you can see a few moments from CS 1.6 game better in these photos are displayed in the original and modified CS 1.6 game models (players and weapons), the action takes place in the game maps: de_dust, de_dust2. If you want to download this game (Counter Strike 1.6) just follow the instructions that are below, followed by this text. If you don't know history of the CS 1.6 game or you want, but don't know how to download CS 1.6 for free (V42, V44 and latest version's of the game) just read articles about it, we strongly recommend to use uTorrent for game downloading, in case if your internet connection isn't very good, we also writing other articles about Counter Strike 1.6 game, so if you want to know all most important things about this unreal game - Just visit our website and read our articles about this game.

Download Counter-Strike 1.6.

CS 1.6 Download - What it is and how to do it?

Download Counter Strike 1.6 - It's website or subpage of website where you can download full Counter-Strike 1.6 game setup file (installation package - almost every website offer .EXE file of CS 1.6 setup package, but from time to time you can find cs download websites who offer cs 1.6 compressed to zip or winrar archives) (If you want to ask what is CS 1.6, we will answer - It's Counter-Strike 1.6 ticker name, full definition you will find below this article). You can download a lot of CS 1.6 game version's (modificated games) like: XTCS (Extreme Counter Strike), CS 1.6 Romania (Romanian version of CS 1.6 game), CS 1.6 Lithuania (Lithuanian version of CS 1.6 game), CS 1.7, WarZone (protected from slowhack methods, actions) and a lot of other version's. In modificated CS game version's you will see better graphics, sound's and other thing's, a lot of modificated CS 1,6 game's are protected from slowhack action's (server can't change player configuration or file's).
Downloading of Counter Strike 1.6 game is very popular - Every 5 minutes, CS 1.6 game downloads about 5,000 people from around the world. Players from all over the world are downloading this game, Counter Strike 1.6 game is very popular in countries such as Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia or Lithuania. So, the people from these countries downloading CS 1.6 game very often, now the number of downloads is lower, because early all of CS 1.6 game client's was not protected from slowhack action's (game files or configuration change without player consent), but now almost all CS 1.6 client's is protected from slowhack and people no longer need so often reinstall this game.
CS 1.6 Downloading is very simple - The game installation file takes up only about 200 megabytes, so download time will take only few seconds or few minutes, in order to be able to download this game you enough to simply press direct link.
Today we see a lot of CS 1.6 game download type website's, but a lot of them are uncomfortable or cs downloading from those website's is slow or very slow. In our website you can download Counter Strike 1.6 game for free, very fast and easily.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game you can download by using uTorrent application (.torrent file), or simply by clicking on direct link, that have already been mentioned earlier. When you download this game, Counter-Strike 1.6 NON-STEAM copy setup file, you confirm that you have the legal (steamed) version of this game and this one will be used only for your personal use.
A lot of websites sharing CS 1.6 setup file's, share and other version's of Counter-Strike (CS) games too, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Counter-Strike: Source (CS: S), Counter-Strike 2D and other Counter-Strike game's, so if you want to download any of these game's for free you can do it at any time you want.

Counter Strike screen-shots - latest version of CS, Counter Strike: GO screen-shot. Counter Strike screen-shots - One of oldest CS versions game Counter Strike: 2D screen-shot. Counter Strike screen-shots - Counter Strike: Source (CSS) screen-shot.

In these screen-shots you can see all most popular version's of Counter-Strike game, such as CS: GO, CS: 2D, CS: Source or most popular version of Counter Strike game - CS 1.6.
Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of most popular first person shooter genre game's, a lot of people from all over the world are playing this amazing game, so what are you waiting for? Don't wait anymore and let's download CS game.

Download CS 1.6

What I should do if I want to download CS 1.6?

If you want to download CS 1.6 setup file directly from direct link click on DOWNLOAD SETUP button. If you want to download CS 1.6 torrent file and download CS 1.6 setup file through uTorrent or another torrent client click on DOWNLOAD TORRENT button. After CS 1.6 download and installation - It may be that the CS 1.6 game will require a special game code (CD KEY), so if this happens, enter the following code (CD KEY): AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA. If Counter-Strike 1.6 download will crash, just restart the downloading (click on CS 1.6 download button again).

Counter-Strike 1.6 download. CS 1.6 torrent download.

About Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) game.

Counter-Strike 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first-person shooter genre game with a singleplayer and multiplayer features, CS 1.6 game is older than 10 years, but it's still popular.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game is full of action and adventure's, it's one of the best team games - Your team members influence the game to fight against the opposing team's success. In the game players fighting with pistols, guns and grenades. For extra protection you can buy shield (available for Counter-Terrorist's only), helmet or kevlar+helmet. Maximum number of player's in server's is 32 (16 Terrorist's vs. 16 Counter-Terrorist's), a lot of times was tried to increase maximum slot's from 32 to more, but all of attempts was unsuccessful. The main point of CS 1.6 game is kill all member's of enemies team, plant C4 (for Terrorist's) or deffuse C4 (for Counter-Terrorist's), rescue hostages, rescue or kill VIP member.
Multiplayer - When you will play this mode of the game, you will play against real opponents, CS 1.6 multiplayer game available in Internet or LAN network's.
Singleplayer - When you will choose this mode of the game, you will play with computer-generated, virtual opponents (CPU Player's/bot's).
Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the oldest, first-person shooter type game's. Counter-Strike 1.6 game are owned by Valve Corporation, CS 1.6 game is a modification of Half-Life game.
Counter-Strike 1.6 was released in 2003 (CS 1.6 game now counts its eleventh successful year of life) and currently is the most popular Counter-Strike game version, at present, with particularly strong popular latest CS version of the game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), this version of CS 1.6 caused a significant decrease in the number of players, but in spite of this and other factors, the CS 1.6 game is still very popular and has a lot of player's.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game has a lot of modifications, such as the Zombie Plague, DeathMatch (CSDM), Surf and other less popular server-side modification's. CS 1.6 game has more than 0.5 million servers worldwide, CS 1.6 is the most common game. You don't need a powerful PC if you want to play CS 1.6 game, CS 1.6 requirements is minimum.

Counter-Strike 1.6. CS 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 requirements.

CS 1.6 game features and requirements.

You have an old computer, but you want to play an exciting, first-person shooter type of game? Choose a Counter-Strike 1.6 game, it does not require a powerful computer, but the game is extremely fun, and popular. CS 1.6 game requirements are listed under this article. If you have lag in Counter-Strike, when you play with new and good PC and your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7 search for tutorial in internet to fix CS 1.6 lag in your OS. If you have same problem in another operating system please update your video driver's.

Requirements for Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay.

Recommended requirements for stable Counter-Strike 1.6 game gameplay:
1. Your PC must have CPU with a clock speed of 800 MHz or higher if you want to play CS 1.6.
2. Your PC must have 256 MB+ of RAM if you want to play CS 1.6.
3. Your PC must have 64 MB+ of video card RAM if you want to play CS 1.6.
4. Your PC must have ~800 MB of free disk space if you want successfull install CS 1.6 game.
5. Your PC operating system must be Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
6. If you want to play CS 1.6 you will need working pc mouse and keyboard.
7. If you want to play CS 1.6 online you must have internet access (for MultiPlayer CS 1.6 game mode), recommended internet speed for good gameplay is 120kbps of download speed and 30kbps of upload speed.

Counter-Strike 1.6 game you can play with this non-compliant computer, but the computer with weaker hardware can affect the low FPS or/and lag.

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 setup file features.

1. To this Counter-Strike 1.6 game client we just added www.GameTracker.lt MasterServer, so now you can see INTERNET server's list with a lot of game servers where you'll can play.
2. This CS 1.6 setup file size is only ~200MB, because we removed all Half-Life map's and other useless file's from our CS 1.6 setup file.
3. This Counter-Strike 1.6 Client is protected from all type's of slowhack method's (slowhack - client game file's change without client accept.).
4. To this CS client we already added BOT's (CPU Player's) with this feature you will be able to play singleplayer game mode against enemies with this CS 1.6 version.
5. To this Counter-Strike 1.6 setup file version we just added fully working CS 1.6 server browser (LAN or INTERNET, added favorites window too.).

Some facts and info about professional Counter-Strike 1.6 gaming.

From the Counter-Strike 1.6 game release, has been organized a lot of tournaments. Counter Strike tournaments was and is supported by well-known manufacturers of computer equipment (for example, such as Dell Computers and computer equipment manufacturers). Now, too, held a number of professional electronic sports tournaments with a prize pool consists of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Such events leased vast halls, meet with professional Counter Strike players from around the world and are fighting each other for the prize. Top events that took place throughout the history of the game of CS are: WCG, Dreamhack, ESL, and many others.
A lot of Counter-Strike 1.6 player's, who downloaded CS 1.6, just view movies and clips of this game tournament's, a lot of CS 1.6 player's dreaming about professional gaming - but only few of thousands CS 1.6 player's can be professional player's.

CS 1.6 - Professional gaming tournament.

Download torrent file of Counter-Strike 1.6.

CS 1.6 torrent download, when using uTorrent application.

CS 1.6 torrent - It's torrent file of Counter-Strike 1.6 game which allow you to download CS 1.6 game through uTorrent, BitTorrent or another torrent application.
Using torrent application is very useful for people who want to download large file, but their internet speed is slow or they want to download CS 1.6 or another file from foreign WEB site. A lot of people ask - Why using uTorrent application is better than just downloading CS 1.6 from a direct link? I will try to explain: first of all when you use uTorrent application you are able to pause/resume file downloading at any time, in the second when you use one of few torrent client's (application's) you will download your file from people of all around the world (Including your country, same country - Increased download speed), so you will reach maximum speed of your internet connection. Torrent application's are very useful if you use Wi-Fi too.

CS 1.6 torrent download.
Counter Strike 1.6 V44.

Download CS 1.6 v44 - What it is and how to do it.

Download CS 1.6 v44 version is very simple action, it's same thing with default CS 1.6 download, but in this version of the game is just included V44 patch of this game, just you should search not for "CS 1.6 download", but for "Download CS 1.6 v44", it's so simple, but a lot of player's don't know what is CS 1.6 v44 and how to download this version of the game, so in this article we will try to describe all the things which you need.
CS 1.6 non-steam v44 patch was released in 2011 year's, a lot of this game player's liked this amazing addition of the game, so although this addition will soon reach the age of four years old - its popularity has not faded. From the first day when CS 1.6 V44 was released all of the Counter Strike game fans can download this version of the game absolutely for free - It don't cost anything.
In CS 1.6 v42 or fresher version - V44 you will see updated graphics, sound's and fixed bug's of the game, CS 1.6 V42 or V44 you can download for free from our website.

CS 1.6 version 44.

Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download image.

CS 1.6 Download FREE - How to download CS 1.6 for free?

CS 1.6 Download FREE - In the past (few years ago), it has not been so easy to find and download CS 1.6 game for free, now you can do it very easy in our website. Counter-Strike 1.6 FREE is a NON-STEAM CS 1.6 game version, if you want to have a legal (steamed), you must to buy it from STEAM Store, we offer few free CS 1.6 version's: CS 1.6 V42, CS 1.6 V44 or CS 1.6 V48, all of these version's is very different, the difference of these Counter Strike 1.6 game version's is in update's: model's, sound's, map's, object's and engine. So if you want to download CS 1.6 game for free, our website (larcon.lt) is best selection.

Definitions used in articles.

Definition's used in articles:
CS 1.6 Download - Counter-Strike 1.6 game (fps genre game with multiplayer and singleplayer features) download. Counter-Strike game version 1.6 ticker name is CS or CS 1.6.
CS Download - One of Counter-Strike game version (fps genre game's with multiplayer and singleplayer features) download, can be CS 1.5, CS 2D, CS 1.6, CS: S (Source version) or latest CS version - CS: GO (Global Offensive version). Counter-Strike game ticker name is CS.
CS 1.6 torrent download - Counter-Strike 1.6 game (fps genre game with multiplayer and singleplayer features) download through .torrent file, using uTorrent application. uTorrent application is very good if your internet slow, because whenever you want, you can pause or resume file downloading and when downloading your download speed is maximum all time.
CS 1.6 - It's ticker name of Counter-Strike 1.6 game.